Friday, December 17, 2010

New Hair for a New year

Well, I got my hair done yesterday for when I get accepted to the school. Still don't know if I have been accepted or not, but I'm thinking positive thoughts about it.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Entrance Essay to MTI's Paul Mitchell Partner School

    Style for me is like a daily conversion, I never remain under one typical style label.  Bright colors are my main inspiration, mainly pinks and purples, but I also will rock the darker colors such as blacks and grays.  When I go out on the town, I tend to stick to the brighter colors with my hair down, ready to be noticed.  I tone it down to more neutral and warm colors for days that I need to look professional.  For example, if I have an interview to attend.  I do not go overboard with makeup use, except for when I am feeling the need to be spontaneous.  Typically, I use foundation to even out my skin tone, mascara to bring out my eyes, a little splash of blush to warm the cool contours of my face, eyeliner to bring shape to my eyes and lip gloss for a nice overall healthy shine.  I like to be funky, classy, and never trashy.  My image reflects my ability to be subjected to change and modify my style with the way I am feeling each day.

Trying to get into Cosmetology school

Well, I am trying to start doing something with my life, by going to beauty school.  This is where I will be updating on my endeavors.